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Mothers of Metahumans (MOM) is a pro-metahuman policlub based in Washington, FDC.

Membership (North America): 100s of thousands[1]

It is a policlub which is dedicated to the cause of metahuman rights. They commonly oppose the perceived discrimination of non-human races. The club began as a charity for parents metahuman children, but has now moved to political activism. However, a large part of MOMs activities continue to be social programs for metahumans. The organization is represented worldwide.

The largest chapter of MOM is in Seattle, followed by the chapter in Los Angeles led by the world famous Ork actress Kate Berg.[2]

They will employ anyone, except raging racists. Shadowrunners who make a living doing dirty work have gone to bed feeling good about themselves after working for MOM. It's an organization that has more political influence than anyone realizes, and they will pay shadowrunners for good intelligence. Though it's a worldwide organization, it's centered mainly in the UCAS. They maintain friendly connections and run co-op projects with other rights groups, including the Ork Rights Commission and Ghoul Liberation League.[3]

MOM received one million nuyen from Dunkelzahn's Will.

In 2064 it was led by Betsy Grant Masterson.