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Mount Emei is a mountain in Sichuan.

Mount Emei is one of the sacred mountains of China. It is location where the Great Dragon Lung awoke in 2013. His lair is guarded by spirit guardians and one of his "daughters" (Mei-Lung Choi) runs a school in the nearby town of Leshan for the magically gifted. On the mountain are approximately 20 temples and monasteries, many of which are ancient. Witnesses have seen a white palace in the clouds but no aircraft has been able to locate said palace. Some believe that it's one of Lung's palaces.[1]

At the magical academy, they teach wujen, mages, and geomancers. It's an academy with a tough entrance exam and a high attrition rate. The graduates become excellent magicians, and the top of the class go on to serve the Great Dragon Lung. Guarding his lair on Mt. Emei is a force of spirit guards.[2]


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