Mr. Johnson is a term, the anonymous corporate employers of Shadowrunners call themselves. - It is a nickname like the names used by runners to conceal his true identity and the one of the corporation he works for. It's a game which is played on both sides of the table and any runner worth his credstick knows the (unwritten) rules.

While in North America "Mr." or "Mrs. Johnson" is the common name, other names are used in other parts of the Sixth World:

  • Herr/Frau Schmidt - in Germany - i.e. the Allied German States
  • Herr Keller - in Switzerland
  • Herr or Doktor Nowak - in Austria
  • Mr. Smith or Mr. Jones - in Great Brittain
  • Mr. Tanaka - in Japan
  • Mr. Wu - in China (including Hong Kong)
  • Mr. Kim - in Korea
  • Seu Silva - in Brazil
  • Mr. Khan - in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Monsieur Dupont - in France (outdated - in the 2070ies French Johnsons use various pseudonyms like Martin, Leblanc, Beaumont, Sinclair or Noël)
  • Pan Jonáa - in Czech Republic
  • Pan Kowalski - in Poland
  • Meneer Janssen - in the United Netherlands (VNL)
  • Señor Fernández - in Spain

A special case are the Johnsons of the German Saeder-Krupp Corporation, because they call themselves "Herr Brackhaus". - Sometimes this may even be Lofwyr himself in metahuman form...

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