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Munich (München)
Population: 5,060,000
Human: 80%
Elven: 3%
Dwarven: 5%
Ork: 9%
Troll: 2%
Other: 1%
Per Capita Income: 42,000€
Below Poverty Level: 32%
Corporate-Affiliated: 49%
High School Equivalency: 47%
College Degrees: 22%
Advanced Degrees: /
BuMoNA-Coverage: 100%
Guaranteed Reaction Time: 8 minutes (14.5 minutes in high-risk areas)
High-Risk Areas: Perlach, Special Administrative Zone Grossried
Phone Prefix: 089

Munich (German: München) is the capital of the AGS member state Free State of Bavaria and one of Germany's biggest cities (about 70% of Bavaria's total population).

In the years 2038-2044 Munich was the capital of the South German League.


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