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The Music Industry in the Sixth World is alive more than ever. With the introduction of the synthlink, the invention of the Song-O-Mat, and the brand new abilities of the musically Awakened, music has reached new highs and sunk to new lows. While record companies and corporations still make billions of nuyen from the talents of various popular artists, there are many fringe and underground musicians who live and die by the message that "music must be free". From street kids pounding at a local gig to the novahot rockers who grace every Trid, music is alive and well.

Music genras[]

While many older genras are doing well (particularly classic rock), music keeps evolving. New notable style of the Sixth World include:

  • afroflash (attitude,45)
  • astral rock (shadowbeat, 17)
  • bollywood pop also known as indi-pop (attitude,45)
  • crunge (attitude,45)
  • e-trance (attitude,45)
  • electro-pop (s5,39)
  • elven folk (s5, 39)
  • elvenrock (shadowbeat, 16)
  • fractal phase (attitude,45)
  • gob rap (attitude,45)
  • gothabilly (attitude,45)
  • neo-classical (attitude,45)
  • nippon glam (attitude,45)
  • orxploitation
  • powernoize (attitude,45)
  • rockabilly (attitude,45)
  • synthcore (attitude,45)
  • steelmill industrial (attitude,45)
  • synthrash (attitude,45)
  • technosynth (attitude,45)
  • voodoo blues (attitude,45)
  • wizpunk (attitude,45)

Famous Musicians[]

  • Barry Mana (attitude,49)
  • Christy Daee (attitude,49)
  • CrimeTime
  • Dark Angel - AKA Jim Crull (attitude,50-51)
  • Darkvine (shadowbeat, attitude,51)
  • Deirdre (attitude,51)
  • Genghis Fang (sa64)
  • Maria Mercurial
  • Eddie Mwabe (sa63.106)
  • Orxanne (sa64, (attitude,53)
  • Teddy X (shadowbeat)
  • Teiko Imkemoto (attitude,55)
  • Tusk Master (sa64)

Famous Music Groups[]

  • Anhedonia (attitude,48)
  • Astral Lightning (attitude,49)
  • Chip Truth (sa63)
    • Doug Z
  • Concrete Dreams
  • Darwin's Bastards (shadowbeat, 17)
    • "Gristlehide" Brannigan
  • DNA (attitude,51)
  • Eight Immortals (sa64,109, shadowbeat,17)
    • Tony Li
  • The Elementals (attitude,52)
    • Bambi
    • Coyote
    • Whispering Wind
    • Wildfire
  • Erosthesia (sa63.106)
  • Ghost Bear (sa63)
  • Grim Aurora (attitude,52)
    • Kat o’ Nine Tales
  • Hemlock (sa63.108)
  • Latch-Key Kids (sr5,39, attitude,52)
  • Plastosapiens (sa63.108)
    • Johnny Bale
    • Chantell Taylor
  • Riot Squad (sa64)
  • The Shadows (attitude,54)
  • Shield Wall
  • Starfire
  • Synaptic (sa63.106, (attitude,54-55)
  • The Tolson Twins (attitude,55)
  • Wild Cards ((attitude,55)
    • Zir Zemo

Major Players[]

  • Aurica/Pollux (sota63 p.106, sota64 p.133, Shadowbeat)
  • Caravan Productions (One Stage Before)
  • Ersatz! (sota63 p.108)
  • Hez Studios (sota64)
  • Highstar Incorporated - Subsidiary of Mitsuhama (One Stage Before)
  • MegaMedia
  • MCT Music
  • Shangri-La Productions- Subsidiary of Horizon
  • Turner Music - Subsidiary of Hisato-Turner (Shadowbeat, 8th colour page)
  • Xanadu Studios (Dark Angel)
  • Zor Entertainment