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NERPS, or New Exciting Retail ProductS (also Non Essential Role Playing Stuff), have been a background part of Shadowrun since early in the first edition sourcebooks. Adverts for NERPS are generally vague, ambiguous, and contradictory as to their exact nature or purpose. They are stand-ins for the latest trendy consumer product to hit the market, only to fade and be rapidly replaced. Real life examples include: tamagotchi, pogs, pet rock, cell phone face plates, kale chips, and fidget spinners. 


Outside of the Sixth World, NERPS also stands for Net Enhancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun, a series of net.books written for Shadowrun in the mid-90s. This source is non-canon, but represents another meaning of the word related to the Shadowrun RPG.

[anecdotal] Ever since playtesting with the FASA crew, way-back when they did such on the AOL service, we've referenced it as the Non-Essential Role-Playing Supplies(or Stuff, if you like).

NERPS Sightings (References)[]

"NERPS!"-Hoodie, designed by Steve "Bull" Ratkovich, sold via "T-Public" in 2019 (Real Time)

NERPS is referenced throughout the early 1st and 2nd edition as well as 3rd and 4th Shadowrun sourcebooks as a popular consumer product.

  • Corporate Enclaves, p 37 (Apparently, Gary Cline is as popular as NERPS)
  • Reiseführer in die deutschen Schatten p 80 ("Nerps! Jeder Zeit!") - German only
  • Runner Havens, p 76 (NERPS is shown next to some kids looking at a portable video gaming system)
  • Shadowbeat, P 36 ("1 out of every 16,000,000,000 doctors surveyed recommend it!")
  • Sprawl Survival Guide, p 25 ("Trid Listings: [HMC]NERPS - An inside look at what this miracolous product can do for you, your family and household appliances!")
  • State of the Art: 2063, p 122 ("NERPS! It's that simple.")
  • Unwired, p 115 (Psychotropic programs may have the effect of causing an insatiable urge to eat Nerps)
  • Seattle Sourcebook, p 58 (Troubled? Nerps! It's that simple.)
  • Renraku Arcology: Shutdown, p 11 (On side of building near bottom of image)
  • London Sourcebook, p 44 (Nerps, for endomorphins.)

Shadowrun Hong Kong* The Extraction, "NERPS!" Displayed on entertainment system in Xiaozhi's den.

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