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Nadja Daviar is an elf who wears many hats: the last interpreter for the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn, and after his death in 2057, the head of the Draco Foundation and Vice President of the UCAS during the Haeffner administration. She was bequeathed the shares of Gavilan Ventures for a time, giving her an interest in Ares Macrotechnology, but signed those shares as proxy for two years from mid-2057 to mid-2059 to Damien Knight for unknown reasons. According to his will, Dunkelzahn, gave her specific instructions in a “seven-years plan” about how the policy she should implement regarding Gavilan Ventures. She is generally considered to be the most powerful woman in the Sixth World.

She is described as a ravishingly beautiful dark-haired elf woman. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian, and several other languages fluently without linguasofts. It is rumored that she and Holly Brighton, another close friend of Dunkelzahn, do not get along. She is rumored to have a romantic relationship with a shadowrunner named Ryan Mercury, also a confidant of Dunkelzahn.[1]


According to most press kits, Nadja Daviar was born in 2014 during one of the first waves of UGE in Estonia, Europe. Her parents were killed in a riot when she was eight years old, and she was taken in by an orphanage. Her life in the five years from the time she left the orphanage at age 16 to the time when she resurfaced in Prague in 2035 at age 21 remains a complete blank.

Daviar developed a reputation as a socialite and patron of the arts throughout Europe, haunting Budapest, Paris, and Barcelona most often. She was rumored to have turned down several paramours, including important men like French Finance Minister Gerard Toulouse and Saeder-Krupp VP Hans Brinkhoff (who was later found dead in the Rhine).

The first publicly known meeting between Nadja Daviar and Dunkelzahn occurred in 2039 in Paris, where Dunkelzahn was attending an exhibit devoted to the artist Adam Aloné, whom Dunkelzahn had financed. Shortly thereafter, Nadja Daviar became the dragon’s next (and last) translator. She became indispensable to the dragon during the next 18 years, as his constant companion and public face for the dragon’s daily business. When Dunkelzahn ran for office in the 2057 election, she became Dunkelzahn’s campaign manager.

After the assassination of Dunkelzahn shortly after his inauguration, Nadja Daviar became the executor to one of the world’s largest fortunes and was picked by President Kyle Haeffner to be Vice President, confirmed by Congress in November 2057.[2]

Vice President Daviar was in Seattle when New Revolution attempted a failed coup d'état across North America. President Haeffner was kidnapped and later killed, but she was targeted for assassination while she was in Seattle. The attempt failed, and she ordered General Angela Colloton to lead the counterattack before disappearing without a trace.[3]

While she was missing, Draco Foundation Vice Chair Aina Dupree became Acting Chair of the Board of Trustees. The Draco Foundation controlled her shares in Gavilan Ventures with Nicholas Aurelius serving as the proxy to the Ares Macrotechnology board of directors. Ryan Mercury spent years looking for her before returning to Lake Louise to train and lead the drakes under the foundation's protection.

In July 2073, Aina Dupree died during an incident at the Watergate Rift Bunker in Washington, FDC. Shortly after her death, the Draco Foundation announced that Nadja Daviar had returned, and she has since made very few public appearances as she takes control of the foundation after a nine year absence.


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