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Angkor Wat (and Naga)

The Naga Kingdomf of Angkor Wat is a Naga state in Southeast Asia.

The Naga Kingdom of Angkor Wat is a nation which was established in the area around the Khmer ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. With the assistance of various types of paranormal creatures, tourism around the ruins were all but stamped out. A coalition of the Naga and many intelligent paracritters established a national government and created a safe haven for their kind away from metahumanity.

In the 2060s, the Naga revealed themselves as a sapient species and officially declared the founding of the Naga Kingdom of Angkor Wat. Due to the cultural reverence held for the Naga in the Far East which had developed during the half century since their discovery, the founding of the kingdom did not result in any war, blockade, embargo, or sanctions by the neighboring states.