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Naheka-rengo (operations, NOT including Hawaii)

The Naheka-rengo is a Yakuza syndicate based in the Philippines.

Factions: 2 (used to be 3)

The Naheka-rengo is a Yakuza alliance between three syndicates, the Sumiyoshi-kai in the Philippines, the Kawaru-gumi in Australia, and the Hidenaga-gumi in Aztlan, which was established in 2066. It included an Old School member (Sumiyoshi-kai), a New Way member (Kawaru-gumi), and one that was neutral (Hidenaga-gumi).

Leading the Naheka-rengo is its founder, the feathered serpent Naheka, who is a vassal of Ryumyo. Naheka's first among equals, as the oyabuns of the three member groups make decisions by consensus. The focus of Naheka-rengo is working together on new smuggling routes. The syndicates reach stretches from the Philippines to Australia, the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi (where it rules the underworld), and the Russian Far East with a stronghold in Vladivostok.[1][2]

There are now only two member syndicates. In the aftermath of the Tempo-Drug War, the David Cartel waged a ruthless war against the remaining operations of the Ghost Cartels within Aztlan territory (e.g. Colombia). Likewise targeted, were the two foreign syndicates operating in Tenochtitlan. Which were annihilated, making the David Cartel the only crime syndicate of any significant in the nation of Aztlan[3] The campaign that the David Cartel waged was quick and brutal. It was so effective that the Mafia and Yakuza syndicates that were operating within Aztlan were wiped out in a few days by Aztechnology's forces.[1]


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