Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya

Its primary industry is space-travel, thanks to the Mt. Kilimanjaro mass driver located just south of the city.

The mass driver have made Nairobi into one of, if not the most important cities on the African continent. Aside from the Kenyan National Assembly located in the city, it is also home to the United Nation's African headquarters and the newly opened African Stock Exchange, as well as the Corporate Court's Nairobi Complex; a joint facility with separate towers for all the Big 10. 

In stark contrast to the shining downtown area is the Kibera slums, one of the worst slums in Africa. Separated from the rest of the city by a double-fenced barrier, Kibera is a shanty town where the streets also doubles as open sewers. Most of Nairobi's metahuman and Awakened population have been pushed out here, especially since magicians are rarely allowed past the checkpoints into downtown. 

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