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The Nanosecond Buyout was a legendary computerized exchange of stock in 2033 that propelled Damien Knight to the head of Ares Macrotechnology. In the span of 63 seconds using a set of mainframes in Stockholm, Sweden, Knight executed a series of transactions that caused the dissolution of three corporations, two multi-millionaires to lose their fortunes, three other people to become multi-millionaires, and Knight to gain the ownership of 22 percent of Ares. Since then, computerized controls are in place to prevent such blindingly fast stock transactions, preventing an individual from performing the same trick twice.

Lucien Cross gained much from the Nanosecond Buyout, and probably helped orchestrate it (facilitating the server time from Stockholm). It is rumored that Damien Knight had the aid of Dunkelzahn, due to an unusual bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will:

"To Damien Knight, I leave my antique chess set, except for the black king piece. I hope you find another worthy opponent. It was only 60 seconds, old friend, but what a ride!"


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