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Nanotechnology is the science of constructing microscopic machines. Without nanotechnology, most cyberware would not be possible, as the neural hookups to the central nervous system are entirely done through nanites. Nanotechnology has many applications, particularly in the field of space technology, heavy industry, biotechnology, and cybernetics.

Top Tier[]

  • Yamatetsu - The cutting edge of nanotechnology. Focuses on implant and cybernetic aspects, while forging ahead in all aspects of nanotechnology
  • Shiawase - Slow and steady. Focuses on commercial application and medical nanotech. Currently researching "urban renewal" nanites.
  • Renraku - Playing catchup since the SCIRE shutdown. Focuses on nanite control systems and computers.

Second Tier[]

  • Aztechnology/Universal Omnitech - Focuses on high-end consumer products and combat-oriented nanoware. Owns Genetique, one of the biggest innovators in biotech nanoware.
  • Cross Applied Technologies - Focuses mostly on pure research and is usually just one step behind Yamatetsu as far as innovation.
  • Mitsuhama - Focuses on robotics and drone industries. It was quick to reverse-engineer Deus's creations. Working on developing a lunar nanotech mining facility, research in biocomputing.
  • Saeder-Krupp - Diversified interests in all aspects of nanotech, with focus in heavy machinery and smart corrosives.
  • Draco Foundation - Attracting many disillusioned scientists, and donating to smaller corporations for nanotech innovation.


  • Ares Macrotechnology - Focuses mostly on space technology
  • Novatech - Its Walker Aerodesign subsidiary focuses on propulsion systems and orbital vehicle components.