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Nationale Aktion (German for "national action") is a right-wing terrorist organization operating in the AGS.

Membership: 530+[1]


NA is extremely violent and while foreigners and metahumans are their main targets they don't mind harming or killing bystanders. They have about 500 active members and 37 known commanders. Each of these 37 has a bounty of 100,000 Euro on his head. The organization receives support from sympathizers in across the right wing spectrum of German society.


In the early 2040s, Nationale Aktion waged a low-level campaign of firebombing metahuman neighborhoods and ethnic businesses. Which was followed in 2043, by the detonation of several bombs inside the Olympiapark Stadium in Munich, targeting the Euro War refugees.

In 2061, they released VITAS-1 inside the stadium targeting the metahuman shantytown, killing 100s (which was followed by Renraku killing everyone inside at the government's request to prevent VITAS-1 from spreading).[2]


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