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CEO: Armando Marquez
Rating: AA
Headquarters: San Juan, Borinquen (Puerto Rico)

Natural Vat Technologies, Inc. (NatVat) is a subsidiary of Productos Cultivatos, itself a subsidiary of Aztechnology. The holder of the patent for high-yield myco-protein, multiple soy products, and "those little flavor taps that mean so much to lazy bachelors", NatVat means synthfood. Headquartered in Borinquen (Puerto Rico), this firm has made it the richest nation in the Caribbean League.

In 2072, NatVat produces about 75% of the world's edible mushrooms and soy.

Prior to 2074, Four-fifths of Aztlan's edibles came from Natural Vat.


2015: In Puerto Rico, Natural Vat Food Technologies is established. The corporation quickly makes a name for itself by growing fungus in the now-overflooded (due toflooding caused by the Great Ghost Dance) sugarcane fields in the Caribbean. The fungus is converted into a synthetic food called mycoprotein. This new product quickly makes Puerto Rico the richest island in the Caribbean.

In 2021ORO grabs NatVat, which awakens the other Caribbean nations to the corporation threat.

In 2050, the death of executive James Yoshimura reveals a Yakuza involved hostile take-over of the Seattle division, which was exposed as a plot orchestrated by the ambitious employee Samuel Angus Cortez. Seattle Vice President Nadia Mirin takes over the division.

NatVat is a major provider of food stuffs to Stuffer Shack.

Regional Divisions also operate in other parts of the Sixth World, largely addressing transportation, logistics and the distribution of NatVat products to Aztechnology's chain stores such as Stuffer Shack, Carrefour, Líder or Stuffer-Plus in the ADL. These divisions ultimately bring Natural Vat's food to consumers.

In some places, there are also Natural Vat Soy Outlets, which act as flagship stores to provide consumers with new and improved NatVat products. Natural Vat also entered the Southeast Asian and Australian markets under Aztechnologies Regional Manager Sonia Maria Soto in the 2060s and 2070s.

Allegedly, Domingo Ramos' divorced wife is said to have brought the profitable fungal farms there under Aztechnology control methods, which had proven effective in their dealings with rebel coca farmers during their time as the David cartel manager.

August 182074, Hurricane Donald and Sirrurg "and his dragons" both land in Borinquen and destroy the NatVat facility, as well as devastating most of the island. Food shortages spread throughout Aztlan.


The company is reportedly banned in Cuba. No possessions of the Aztechnology Group are tolerated.


Among the products marketed under its own name include "Mr. and Mrs. Soy Chips".