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The Neapolitan Camorra is an Italian Mafia syndicate based in the city of Naples in the central western coast of Italy.


The Camorra have existed since the 20th century.[1] When the "Alta Commissione" was established, the Camorra received a seat on the council.[2]


The syndicate is lacks a ruling council and is made up of families, each which runs it's own business as it sees fit. Less organized than the Sicilian Mafia and one of the disadvantages is it makes them prone to violent infighting, but is does have the advantage of making harder to infiltrated and damage the organization.[3]


It's power extends up the eastern coast into northern Italy (which it shares with the Calabrian N'drangheta and through central Austria into southern Germany .[4] Their main revenue sources are drug dealing, smuggling, and protection rackets.[5] It is also involved in the black market and illegal waste disposal.[6]


The Neapolitan Camorra is the oldest Italian criminal organization, emerging as a criminal group during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte and by 1820 was documented in police records. Which was decades before the formation of the Sicilian Mafia. The Camorra and Calabrian N'drangheta have both eclipsed the Sicilian Mafia. Due to the cocaine trade the wealth and power of both surpasses that of the Sicilians (who are no longer among the top drug traffickers).[1][2][[3]


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