Nebelherr (German for Mist Lord) is an Adult Western Dragon. His lair is located on Herrenchiemsee in Chiemsee Lake, Bavaria in the Allied German States. He usually stays out of big politics. Instead, he is somewhat of an idol, often appearing in public, welcoming tourists and media helicopters following him.

Nebelherr awakened around the same time as Lofwyr, Feuerschwinge, and Kaltenstein in Germany in 2012 from underneath a crowded drinking hall in Bavaria.

Relationship with other DragonsEdit

In May (or possibly September[1]) of 2012 Nebelherr fought Kaltenstein in an attempt to prevent Kaltenstein from entering the SOX (Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Special Administrative Zone) following the downing of Feuerschwinge by the German military. Nebelherr, only being an adult dragon, was completely outmatched by Kaltenstein, who was older and more powerful, and counted among great dragons. However, Lofwyr came to Nebelherr's aid and together they were able to stop Kaltenstein from entering the SOX, causing him to crash down into the Black Forest.

Lofwyr's rescue of Nebelherr was almost certainly not an act of charity, and Nebelherr has been in the Great Dragon's debt ever since. It was suggested that Nebelherr plays the role of media idol in order to prevent Lofwyr from drawing him into his power games; being so publicly visible prevents Lofwyr from using him as a shadow player.[2] The truth of the matter remains unknown.


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