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New Islamic Jihad (NIJ) is a terror organisation. It began as part of Islamic Unity Movement under the leadership of the respected Badr al Din Ibn Eisa , but he was then actually controlled by Shedim . After their involvement were exposed, the jihadists went underground.


In the year of the comet 2061, in September, the moderate Islamic leader of the Islamic Unity Movement , Badr al-Din Ibn Eisa, was assassinated. After five days, he apparently resurfaced, which the faithful Muslims interpreted as a sign of Allah. In fact, a master shedim had taken possession of Ibn Eisa ’s body.

Ibn Eisa had the scholars cry out a New Islamic Jihad. This new movement committed itself to the establishment of Islamic rule over the entire Middle East and the destruction of the enemies of Islam. It was a complete departure from Ibn Eisa’s previous policy, as he had always rejected the Second Jihad. The New Islamic Jihad secretly established itself within the Islamic Unity Movement in the next few years and made contact with various underground and terrorist groups. In particular, Shiites joined the jihad along with various existing terrorist networks were integrated into the organization. Training camps were set up in the Arabian Desert to support terrorist activities in the region.

During the Balkan Peace Conference in the summer of 2063, Ibn Eisa’s deputy Sayyid Mujtaba Musawa traveled to the Balkans, where he met three alleged jihadists who shortly afterwards committed a suicide attack on the Sarajevo Town Hall. The attack not only killed 24 persons, but also damaged the peace process for years to come. Musawa, who had been sought after his connection to the attack had been cleared by ARGUS, remained indefinitely in the region and coordinated the actions of the New Islamic Jihad.

The jihadists’ aggressive approach brought them into conflict with the Caliph Ibn Saud and eventually led to an open power struggle between him and Ibn Eisa. At the end of October 2064, Ibn Eisa was deposed by the Caliph as the leader of the Islamic Unity Movement, whereupon he used his influence in other Islamic states and the New Islamic Jihad to destabilize the Middle East and demonstrate the caliph’s powerlessness.

In early November, the crash and the entire region sank into chaos. The followers of Ibn Eisa, who blamed the Caliph for the collapse of the Matrix, participated in riots. Attacks, presumably attributable to the [New Islamic Jihad], shook Riyadh. In this situation, the caliph readiness signaled to relinquish power to Ibn Eisa and the [New Islamic Jihad]. At a meeting between the two and other senior Islamic leaders in the Royal Palace in Riyadh, however, the caliph revealed that he had secured the support of Aziz Ibn Yusuf al-Shammar, and thus of influential Global Sandstorm.

The Caliph urged the jihadist leader to atone for his sins and offered to return to the Islamic Unity Movement. Ibn Eisa and his bodyguards attacked the caliph instead. The Caliph Guard and a magician of the Islamic Renaissance Movement confronted each other, and the master shedim possessing Ibn Eisa fled.

The New Islamic Jihad then went underground and is still a feared terrorist organization dedicated to overthrowing the caliph and the Islamic Unity Movement.