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The New Revolution is a radical secret organization that wanted to restore the United States of America. They did so by infiltrating political parties as well as media networks. It also provided weapons to a wide range of terrorist groups (religious fundamentalists, metahuman extremists, neo-fascists). New Revolution had links to the Federal and Confederate Reserve, the ECSE, National Guard and various military.

Key figures within UCAS/CAS power circles either belonged to the group or they were blackmailed to work for it. New Revolution would use political murder, terrorism and other tools to reach it's goal. 

On November 3rd 2064, they used the Matrix Crash 2.0 as an opportunity to coordinate a strike against all North American governments. Government buildings were bombed, political and military leaders were captured (such as UCAS President Kyle Haeffner), protesters were executed and trid/radio stations were forced to censor and play military music. 

Troops loyal to their government fought back and gained the support of civilians willing to fight. Nadja Daviar, who survived an assassination attempt, had Brigadier General Angela Colloton make a nationwide speech denouncing the coup attempt and declared Martial Law. 

The defeated New Revolution still had an impact on the North America political landscape, UCAS and Sioux Nation were severely bruised.