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The New World Soldiers is a gang based in the Los Angeles sprawl.


The gang was founded by a drug using rich eccentric known as "Sugar Daddy". He is the oldest son of an wealthy old money family. Considering him to be an embarrassment, they sent him off with a trust fund specially set up for him. Which he uses to buy drugs and support his gang.


The New World Soldiers is a gang that is almost constantly tripping, wasted on one type of hallucinogenic drug or another. Members are constantly on some drug that alters your state of consciousness, as they see it. Usually they dress in strange hats, scruffy clothing, and bomber goggles. They see the whole city as their territory and operate throughout the sprawl.

Membership: 60


One of their core missions is to get everybody else to do drugs and therefore elevate their consciousness. In pursuit of that goal they give away for free packets of pills on street corners, spike the soft drinks consumers buy at the store, paint subway turnstiles with their drugs, lace the door handles to police cars, and so on.

The gang also is involved in drug running for the syndicates. It's the one time that they never let their need to get high get in the way of serious drug business. They are also a vital link in the smuggling route bringing drugs from the Anasazi in the Mojave Desert. Nothing can stand in the way of getting drugs to the masses. Rarely do the New World Soldiers get into a fight, but when they do so they use non-lethal means, preferring chemical-based weaponry (e.g. guns that fire darts).[1]


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