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The Night Hunters are a number of racist thrill gangs based in the Seattle sprawl.

Membership: unknown

Night Hunters is a thrill gang that is the 21st century version of the Skinheads, except it accepts humans of all "races" and hates metahumans. It isn't a single gang but several Night Hunter gangs, all of which have splintered from each other and have the same name. The largest faction has 20-30 members.

They are gangs known for having a lot of cyber-modifications, and most of the members have spurs or razoars. Night Hunter gangs are into selling BTLs, terrorizing metahumans, and distributing propaganda from the Humanis Policlub. Members will chase down any metahumans who is in their territory during the night, torturing those they catch.[1] Many Night Hunters are heavily into chains and body-piercing. The various gangs see themselves as the "true" Night Hunters and will refuse to acknowledge of the other Night Hunters and/or will even assault them. Occasionally they will go to war with each other, but after a few casualties the war fizzles out.

The gangs like terrorizing metahumans by being loud and smashing what they can. They get more fun out of humiliating and torturing a metahuman, than killing them as they want to see them beg and/or cringe. Members are obsessed with humiliating metahumans. A day that goes without doing something that humiliates a metahuman (e.g. spitting on them) is a waste to them. They love to take trophies from their victims (specifically tusks from orks and trolls, ears from elves, and beards from dwarves).[2]

The most extreme of the Night Hunter gangs will rip apart their metahuman victims with their razor claws, arm blades, and cybernetic hands. These Night Hunters deals in BTLs and enhancement drugs, sell the property and often the remains of their murdered victims, and hire themselves out as muscle. It's to pay for their continuous cyber modifications.[3]

The type of augmentation commonly found among Night Hunters are cybereyes, muscle replacement, bone lacing, retractable spurs, hand razors, olfactory boost, dermal plating, cyberears, and reaction enhancers. Some of them go so far as to get ear and vocal modifications which permit them to "sing" (howl) to each other (communicate) in the hypersonic range. Members are often packing automatic firearms (e.g. machine pistols) and wearing some type of armor (e.g. vests).[4]


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