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The Night Ones are a variant of Elves (Homo sapiens nobilis), with a natural coat of short fur on their entire body. The fur color varies from black to orange. Most night ones have dark skin in black, blue purple and brown tones. All Night Ones have a light allergy against sunlight.
The resulting mainly nocturnal lifestyle combined with the usually dark skin/fur color leads to Night Ones being called "Dark Elves" in many places (other nicknames include "Furries" and "Plushies").

Night Ones are naturally found in Europe and the Tir Nations. They are faster and more agile than normal Elves.

While the greatest population of Night Ones live in Pomorya, the elven nation in the north east of the Allied German States [1], there are also a gang of Night Ones, called "the Muppets" acting as pirates near the coast of Morocco [2] and a young, female Night One which is a member of the squatter community in Seattle, called The Crypt [3].


This page was translated from Shadowhelix's Metamenschheit#Metamenschliche_Varianten page

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