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• The red counties are in Virginia (CAS)
• The light blue are North Virginia (UCAS)
• The dark blue are part of FDC (UCAS)

The State of North Virginia was created as a part of the terms of the Treaty of Richmond, which formalized the CAS secession from the UCAS. It was created to serve as a buffer zone due to the fact that Virginia was one of the founding states of the CAS, and with its secession would leave the Federal District of Columbia (FDC), the seat of the UCAS federal government, on the border with a potentially hostile nation.


Three counties—Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax—became part of FDC, while the remaining counties north of the Rappahannock River formed North Virginia. Fredericksburg—located on the river became the new state's capital.

The state borders the Potomac River to the north, and the Rappahannock River to the south, and West Virginia to the west.


There have been several attempts within the state to secede from the UCAS and join the CAS. This came to a head in 2055 during the Compensation Riots, when secessionists led by Governor Jefferson and CAS political agitators attempted to force the secession of the state while rioting was going on in the Federal District of Columbia and while most of the military was deployed to Chicago to deal with the Bug City crisis. The attempt failed, however, and shortly afterwards Governor Jefferson died when his plane crashed.

Secession is still a popular issue within the state, however, and is not expected to go away any time soon.


The counties around D.C. that make up UCAS North Virginia are clearly described in the Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America (NAGNA). However, maps are inconsistent on the size of the state, or even depicting the state at all. NAGNA shows the border extending from the mouth of the Rappahannock east to the West Virginia state line. Shadows of North America only depicts the state as that area directly north of the river, with part of Virginia (and the CAS) between North Virginia and West Virginia. The novel Just Compensation contains an map of the area, but only shows those parts of Loudoun and Prince William Counties which border Fairfax County, FDC. Confusingly, the Shadowrun: Fourth Edition: Anniversary Edition and the Sixth World Almanac maps shows all of Virginia in CAS, with no indication of North Virginia's existence.

The written descriptions of the Virginia states do not mention Accomack and Northampton—the two USA Virgina counties that are attached to Maryland, and separated from the rest of Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay. However the maps of North America in SR1 and SR2 clearly show the CAS/UCAS border running down the western shore of Chesapeake Bay, putting the two counties in UCAS (and therefore North Virginia). The maps in Shadows of North America and SR4, also show these counties only separated from Maryland by a state (not federal) border.