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Warrior-Order of the Jaguar

The Ocelomeh (The Jaguars) are a warrior-order of Aztlan.


The Ocelomeh are fire-teams of outstanding combat veterans. Within the Jaguar Guard they are organized into elite units. They are special forces who serve primarily within the borders of the nation of Aztlan or within Aztechnology itself.

It's their job to defend the most sensitive corporate and national sites inside the national borders of Aztlan. While not all Jaguar Guards are in the Ocelomeh, every magical soldier within the Jaguar Guards is a member of the Ocelomeh. They training they receive is so that they can fill a critical role in a team, and their magical abilities normally reflect that role.[1]


The Ocelomeh warrior-order functions as a type of military social-club. Members hang out those of the same order. They drink at a bar which has been adopted by the order as their hang-out. For relaxation they do it at the order's "transient office quarters". Once a month, there is a lodge meeting that the members attend. If anyone messes with an Ocelomeh, they made of an enemy of the entire order. The mentality of an Ocelomeh is that of a warrior who is courageous, sometimes suicidally so.[2]


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