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The October 25 Alliance (the Alliance) was a resistance group in northern CalFree.

The October 25 Alliance was mostly a political action group that performed far fewer bombings and shootings than the MPA, preferring a different approach to resisting the Japanese invaders.

It financed and financed and ran co-op tenements, health clinics, and schools. The Alliance supplied the social services (which the MPD did too but on a smaller scale), that were once provided by Sacramento. It's experts looked for loopholes in the Bay Area tax codes which could be exploited by local businesses thereby providing locals with jobs and reducing the need for them to work for the Japanese.[1] Along with the the MPA, the Alliance functioned as the law enforcement in the Oakland-Berkeley sprawl. The people's tribunals were harsh on lawbreakers.[2]

They ran the "People's University" in Berkeley that ran food pantries and a medical clinic, all with permanent addresses. The People's University had "floating" classes that moved around to avoid the corporate terror squads. Which taught a wide variety of courses from basic literacy skills to medicine, computer technology to sociology, law to metahuman history, and so on. There were also specialized classes such as demolitions, tactical magic, espionage, hand-to-hand combat, weapons handling and technology, rigging, decking, and other similar subjects. Work studies were available in which you could learn from Neo-Anarchists how to do such things as publish political journals, write effective public speeches, and run a successful campaign.[3]


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