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Ogres are a metavariant of Orks. They are shorter and squatter than average orks, often possessing larger obese phenotypes. This is possibly due to an efficient digestive system. They also possess smoother skin and less body hair than typical orks[1], as well as a pronounced jawline and a larger mouths, traits that early on fuelled the urban legend saying that they were cannibalistic (an accusations that has quickly been proven false with several studies on volunteers)[2]. Ogres do, however, have the ability to digest a rather impressive spectrum of edibles in their stomachs, causing their large bellies and a flabby build[3].

Ogres originated in Germany and France, but are prevalent throughout Europe, composing approximately thirty percent of the European Ork population[4].

Ogres have an average height of 1.70 meters and average weight of 101 kilograms[5]. A female ogre is often called an ogress but this is seen as derogatory.[6]

Famous (and infamous) Ogres[]


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