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Okinawa Prefecture (Japanese 沖縄県; Okinawan Uchina) is the southernmost prefecture of the homeland of the Japanese Imperial State, and consists of 169 islands known as the Ryukyu Islands or Ryukyus, in an island chain over 1000 km long, which extends southwest from Kyushu (the southwesternmost of JIS homeland’s main four islands) to Taiwan, although the northern islands in the chain are part of Kagoshima prefecture, and the Senkaku Islands, which became officially part of the JIS following the collapse of the People’s Republic of China. Okinawa’s capital, Naha, is located in the southern part of the largest and most populous island, Okinawa Honto (沖縄本島), which is approximately half-way between Kyushu and Taiwan.


While Okinawa operates as a state of the JIS, the prefecture has a unique political situation. Following the final withdrawal of American forces to put down the Sovereign American Indian Movement in 2010, a small student activist movement was founded with the independence of Okinawa as its goal. The movement was not a serious threat until 2017, when a law passed the Diet limiting the requistioning of former American-leased land for residential planning, in favor of corporate use and training and stationing of the new Imperial Marines. Many Okinawans were angered by this decision and a series of protests, known as the Okinawa Riot of 2017 (2017年�?�オキナワ暴動, 2017 nen no okinawa boudou), erupted throughout the prefecture. The Japanese police and military resorted to brutal tactics to suppress the demonstrations, much of which was concealed from the international media.

As the knowledge of magic increased and magic ability more readily identified, the independence movement, now known as the Okinawa Liberation Alliance (沖縄解放�?�盟, okinawa kaihou doumei) or OLA, began using magical terrorism against JIS forces. In 2028, the political situation deteriorated, with the JIS sending a crack anti-terrorist division of the Japanese Imperial Army, along with Tsunami, Inc. mercenaries, to deal with the crisis. The series of pitched and bloody battles became known as the Okinawa Riot of 2028 (2028年�?�オキナワ暴動, 2028 nen no okinawa boudou).

The crisis in Okinawa was temporarily resolved when the JIS co-opted the independence movement. Okinawans who cooperated the JIS government were rewarded with benefits such as tax breaks and civil service positions. Those who continued to battle against the JIS forces were to be rooted out and mercilessly punished. Collaborators and informers where especially rewarded for valuable information. However, the OLA has adapted to the compromises, and while the situation is not as explosive as it was in 2028, it is still very tense. Since the 2050s, there has been a rise in terrorist activity and open battles between the OLA and JIS special forces.


The private military company Tsunami, Inc. has its headquarters near Okinawa City (沖縄市; -shi), on the island of Okinawa Honto, and uses the stretches of land across the island previously known as Camp S.D. Butler when the former United States stationed the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force prior to the Indian War. Tsunami enjoys a special extraterritorial status on the island, although this may change if the corporation refuses to allow more metahumans into its ranks.


Tsunami headquartered in Okinawa (sa63.66)

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