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Olaya Cartel (Smuggling Empire)

The Olaya Cartel is one of the Ghost Cartels of South America.


The Olaya Cartel was one of the underworld organizations at the heart of the Tempo crisis. They are connected to KondOrchid, an AA-corporation, by CEO Jaime Salazar. Before the Tempo-Drug War, it was the most powerful of the Ghost Cartels, having its origins in the Cali Cartel. It is headquartered in Guayaquil, Ecuador with operations in Bogota (formerly Colombia, now Aztlan) and in Caracas (formerly Venezuela). The cartel has close ties to the Amazonian government.[1]

Two Amazonian cities in the central eastern coast of the nation, Salvador and Fortaleza, are centers of drug production for the Olaya Cartel which exports the cities' goods to the Caribbean League.[2] In addition to its drug trafficking, it runs gambling and prostitution operations in the cities (e.g. Bogota and Caracas).[3][4][5][6] In the city of Caracas, it dominates the sex trade, running brothels with meat puppets (aka, bunraku).[7][8] The reach of the Olaya Cartel was extensive with its smuggling operations reaching Europe, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, North America, Russia, and across to the other side of the Pacific Rim.[9][10][11][12]

The Olaya Cartel was responsible for the processing of Tempo and was its biggest distributor. KondOrchid handled all of the drug traffic in South America, where the only governments that dared to interdict it's shipments were those of Aztlan and Amazonia. It was also used to transport drugs to ports elsewhere in the Pacific Rim.[1] After the disastrous Tempo-Drug War of 2071 AD, the cartel has lost much of its influence and territory becoming a pale shadow of it was before.

Current Status[]

Though severely weakened it continues to be a primary South American producer of drugs (e.g novacoke). The cartel has significiant investments in Amazonian pharmaceutical startups. It's global drug trafficking network has been damaged severely, and is struggling to rebuild their network. Though the KondOrchid corporation is still thriving and continues to expand throughout the world.[13] Caracas is still a stronghold of the Olaya Cartel, where it dominates the drug and sex trade.[14][15]

Tempo Customers[]

During the Tempo drug crisis, the Olaya Cartel supplied the following criminal organizations with Tempo (and they in turn distributed the drug, sold it on the streets, or supplied other criminal groups);


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