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Example of red oni. Source: Shadowrun Hong Kong.

Example of blue oni. Source: Shadowrun Hong Kong.

Oni are a metavariant of Orks. They are native of the Japanese archipelago and resemble the demonic appearance of the local folklore[1]. They have vibrant and difficult to hide skin tone such as bright red, blue, or orange. They also posses horns that rise vertically from the temples, protuberant eyes and ears with an extended aural helix, similar to the elves. Apart from that they share the same low-light vision and muscular bulk of the regular orks.[2] Oni have an average height of 1.90 meters and average weight of 128 kilograms.[3]

Unlike other metavariants, oni are the vast majority of Japanese Orks (approximately 75 percent of the Japanese Ork population). oni can also appear in other East Asian countries due to historical Japanese occupation[4].

Early after the Awakening, oni were perceived by the Japanese as sneaky, hostile, and evil and were forcefully exiled on Yomi Island. During their exile, they resurrected the code of bushido and banded together as samurai to serve the Koborokuru lords of the island.[5] After decades of prejudice, the public perception of oni started to turn around when the Emperor Yasuhito promoted several of them in the Imperial Household Guard. The popularity of changelings in worldwide youth pop culture has also helped the oni rise from their initial demonization.[6]

Famous (and infamous) oni[]


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