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Ontontin Blood Mage

The Ontontin (The Brave Ones) are a warrior-order of Aztlan.


The Ontontin are specialists in deep infiltration. Training is mainly focused on techniques that use stealth and deception.

They usually operate behind enemy lines and are trained to do so alone. It's their mission to get close to the target for either assassination or extraction. Upon being recruited, all of the warrior's connections to the past are erased. No ties to relatives, friends, or the community you grew up in are permitted. For all intents and purposes you never existed, which is perfect for the type of deep cover missions that the Ontontin receive.[1]


The Ontontin warrior-order functions as a type of military social-club. Members hang out those of the same order. They drink at a bar which has been adopted by the order as their hang-out. For relaxation they do it at the order's "transient office quarters". Once a month, there is a lodge meeting that the members attend. If anyone messes with an Ontontin, they made of an enemy of the entire order. No one really knows the mentality of an Ontontin, since no one has knowingly met one and if they have they likely didn't survive.[2]


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