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This is a work in progress for now - I wanted to get a start but I will add a proper introduction, more items, an index and proper references as I go.

  • 2072
    • Early 2072 – Project Freedom forms out of MOM and ORC, it advocates for the Ork Underground to become an official district of the Seattle Metroplex government. Helen Shaard takes the reins and becomes the leader of the movement. The official response of Metroplex government is to oppose the proposal over the estimated cost of implementation.
    • July – Edmund Jeffries inspires George Mathers to act against Project Freedom,
    • October - Mathers recruits Sean Walker and preps him to become a copycat of the Mayan Cutter serial killer.
  • 2073
    • January - The Copycat Mayan Cutter targets project freedom leadership and others in the Ork Underground. Officially he is tracked down and killed while resisting arrest by KE Detective Theodore “Tosh” Athack, other sources say he was tracked down by Shadowrunners and handed over (and killed by) to his victims family.
    • November - After months of work the Project Freedom proposal makes it onto the ballet for the 2074 election as Proposition 23.
    • December - Governor Brackhaven secretly drafts and then implements the Operation Daybreak plan to destroy Project Freedom, Proposition 23 and the entire Ork Underground by carrying out a campaign of murder and violence, then shifting blame to PF and Prop 23 supporters.
  • 2074
    • January - Shadowrunners locate information linking Sean Walker, the Copycat Mayan Cutter to Knight Errant VP George Mathers. After his “disappearance” files are found in Mathers’ residence that links him to the Humanis Policlub, Edmund Jefferies, and peripherally to Brackhaven himself.
    • March - The murder of FBI Agent Jennifer Kowalsk draws Agent Seth Dietrich into an investigation that eventually leads him to uncover Operation Daybreak.
    • April - Governor Brackhaven’s chief of staff Marin Parker when the massive Parker-Quinn Embezzlement Scandal hits the news. Four days later Emile Corrigan is brought on as Brackhaven's new Chief of Staff and immediately begins compiling a file documenting Brackhaven's activities as an "insurance policy".
    • May – Operation Daybreak gets underway with a project codenamed Firefly. Alamos 20K carries out a series of firebombings in the Ork Underground. Targets include a school where over a dozen children are killed and several times that are injured.
    • September 12th - Events escalate and draw in other players, namely two terrorists named Harbinger and Anarchy, this leads to the assassination of DA David Beatty, his staff and the majority of the Project Freedom leadership in the DA Murders.
    • October 31st – Acting on information gathered by Seth Dietrich and others, ADA Dana Oaks empanelled a grand jury to investigate the links between Sean Walker, Edmund Jeffries, George Mathers, Harbinger, Anarchy and Governor Brackhaven with the goal of indicting the Governor for Operation Daybreak and the violence surrounding the attempts to stop the Project Freedom / Proposition 23 movement.
    • November 4th - FBI Agent Seth Dietrich is attacked along with a team of Shadowrunners, while on the way to pick up Edmund Jefferies, who had agreed to testify against Governor Brackhaven in exchange for immunity and witness protection. The Shadowrunners bodies are later pulled out of Puget Sound but agent Dietrich survived the attack and went into hiding.
    • November 5th - Edmund Jefferies disappears, supposedly with 50 million nuyen stolen from the city worker retirement fund.
    • November 6th - Election Day, despite (or because of) a year of violence and political mudslinging Proposition 23 passes by a slim margin. Governor Brackhaven (who was just re-elected to his second term as Governor) immediately orders the first of three recounts.
    • Also on November 6th - Guinan McClure, a mobster associated with the Finnigan family records Edmund Jefferies with Emile Corrigan using his cybereye camera, showing them together the day after Jefferies “disappearance”. This however, doesn’t come to light for another three and a half years.
    • December - Eliza Bloom sued to have the recounts ended. Federal Judge Cobb ordered the election commissioner to officially certify the results and further ordered that the Underground be recognized as an official Metroplex district as of 12:01 a.m. January 1st, 2075.
    • December 24th - Edmund Jefferies is indicted in absentia by the federal grand jury empanelled in October; charges include multiple counts of fraud, conspiracy, and murder. The disappearance of witnesses Seth Dietrich (and Jefferies) prevented an indictment of Governor Brackhaven himself.
  • 2075
    • Febuary - FBI agent Seth Dietrich, now infected with CFD, has continued his investigation in secret after his “death”. He manages to convince William Greene, Brackhaven’s energy secretary, to agree to testify against Brackhaven. He also learns of Emil Corrigan’s insurance file from Green.
    • March - Seth Dietrich is assassinated by Chimera agents at Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens. Brackhaven’s shadow operative Gregory Zane obtains and destroys Seth’s commlinks containing the data files without combining them. Seth Dietrich’s investigation and secrets die with him. The evidence leading to William Greene is never brought to light and Emil Corrigan’s insurance file remains undiscovered. With a lack of evidence Oak’s investigation into Brackhaven grinds to a halt and the Governor grudgingly accepts defeat in his attempt to stop Project Freedom.
  • 2076
  • 2077
  • 2078
    • April - While pursuing an unrelated matter, Shadowrunners obtain Guinan McClure’s cybereye recording of Edmund Jefferies with Emile Corrigan dated the day after Jeffries disappearance. Recognizing the importance of the recording they pass it along to DA Dana Oaks. She uses the recording to pressure Emile Corrigan into revealing the truth about Jefferies disappearance. He then turns over his accumulated evidence against the Governor in a plea deal becoming the “ultimate informant” against Brackhaven.
    • May -