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Ordo Maximus (OM) is a secret society of vampires.

Membership: 3,000[1]

Public Image[]

Ordo Maximus is a semi-secretive magical society whose headquarters is believed to be somewhere in Eastern Europe. It's an organization with thousands of members worldwide. Monthly meetings are required and there is a ritual that includes an oath of loyalty to keep the secrets of Ordo Maximus.

Members are recruited from among the nobility of Europe and the British Isles who have magical talent, wealth, and political influence. A minority are mundanes who can never advance up the ranks. The members only know those in their group, a few who may be slightly above or below them in rank. Those that are 2 or more levels above are never met by the junior members.

To prevent dissent in the lower ranks, they are given meaningful benefits and a reasonable chance of being promoted, as well as kept busy with activities. The lower ranks are focused on building more connections, promoting the organization, and maintaing the stability of the society.[2]

As far as the recruits are aware it is a hermetic order that functions as a social club for the wealthy who are interested in the arcane. Due to intellectual curiosity or to increase their status, many powerful and wealthy individuals have joined. Though they finance the organization, these individuals never rise above the lower ranks.[3]

Secret Conspiracy[]

The Ordo Maximus is an organization whose influence extends across many nations and organizations. Its agenda is to bring about an era in which vampires no longer have to hide in the shadows and can walk among metahumanity as its master.

Within the Ordo, the upper tiers consist of vampires, a secret cabal of at least 6 skilled initiates and perhaps more who are using the Ordo's political connections and funds to secretly conduct research of the biomagical type. The goal is to create strains of HMHVV which will give others the strengths and weakness of vampirisim, and the Ordo will be the one to decide who gets those strains.

One of the objectives is to remove the vulnerability that vampires have to sunlight. They also plan to create strains that can be used as biological weapons, strains that let them create monsters or super-beings from the various metatypes, and of course vampiric pawns (slavish followers). It's speculated that they have agents in nearly every corporation, organization, and secret society.[4]


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