Organ-legging (Shadowrun Sourcebook, Vice)

Organ legging is the underground trade in human and metahuman body parts.


It usually involves the sale of body parts from corpses. The process of obtaining a corpse can vary through many different levels of illegality - from selling organs with the parties consent, through stealing parts from morgues, up to the point of specifically killing people for the purpose. Victims have had their body parts removed while they were still alive and in some cases, awake.

Organizations are known to kidnap people to order. There are operations which run breeding farms in which women are used as machines to produce fetuses and sometimes carrying babies to full term. It's a business that is tied to ghouls and vampires. The dominant syndicate in the organ legging trade is Tamanous. Organ legger customers include illegal street clinics (see street doc, body shop) as well as specialty gourmets (see ghouls, diet of). The business of organlegging is a multi-million nuyen racket.[1][2][3]

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