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Ork Rights Commission or (ORC) is a trog policlub.

The Ork Rights Commission has a membership consisting of both Orks and Trolls, which is majority Ork but whose Troll membership is growing. It is generally viewed as being a mirror image of the Humanis Policlub, set at the other end the political spectrum. Not as extreme as the Sons of Sauron but more militant than Mothers of Metahumans. It's members use not only words to fight for their rights, but also their fists and weapons. The organization is present in both North America and Europe, with approximately 7,000 members in Berlin alone.

Established in mid-2020's as a grass-roots organization to support the cause of equal rights and fair treatment for those affected by the 2021 variant of UGE (Unexplained Genetic Expression), or to use the less politically correct term goblinization. In the fifty years since its start the Commission has grown into a well-known national organization. ORC is a charitable non-profit organization funded by both private and public donations. Major contributors include the Empowerment Coalition and the megacorp Evo.

While campaigning against "Orxploitation" in popular culture ORC has been an strong advocate of “Ork Cultural Heritage”. Primarily by building on the work of Robert Page and his translation the Or’zet Codex, the ancient book left to him in Dunkelzahn's Will . ORC was instrumental in Or'zet being recognized as an official (and legal) language. Today they sponsor language classes and teaching programs to help learn the language.