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Orxploitation is a fad and cultural phenomenon that surfaced in 2064, coinciding with the widespread use of Or’zet, the new “Ork language.” When Ork rockers such as CrimeTime and Orxanne started incorporating the nascent language into their lyrics, the popularity of Ork rockers and Ork bands skyrocketed. The media corporations were quick to pick up on this trend, and started hiring and producing Ork and Troll music wholesale, saturating the market with both goblin rockers and Or’zet “enhanced” music. In 2064, nine of the top ten albums of that year were made by Ork rockers and bands. During this time, the amount of tusk and fang operations also increased, both due to cosmetic styling and the fact that Or’zet is difficult to pronounce without the natural tusks of an Ork or Troll, leading to the creation of the new rabid fanboy, the “ork poser.”

Songs with lyrics in Or'zet are also known as OrxRock.[1]


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