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Otaku, in the Sixth World sense, are the "children of the Matrix". These individuals are somehow able to interface with the wired matrix with only an ASIST converter and a datajack, without needing to use cyberdecks. Otaku, with some exceptions, are children below the age of 21, and many of them worship the Matrix with cult-like devotion, almost like a religion. They typically exist in social gang-like groups known as tribes, and are fiercely loyal to these tribes. Some tribes devote themselves to zealous causes or even entities, like Artificial Intelligences.

Otaku interface with the Matrix through a living persona, using channels, complex forms, and sprites. Most Otaku come to realize their powers through an entity known as Deep Resonance, which they can experience directly through Resonance Wells. Some claim that Deep Resonance is a being that exists in a "higher plane" of the Matrix, and these are known as technoshamans. Some claim that they are able to transcend the connections of data to reach a higher state of being, and these are known as cyberadepts. Other Otaku have been created through the efforts of the AI Deus and AI Mirage. Although much research has been conducted by the megacorporations on otaku, there is no known way to artificially replicate otaku abilities.

Since the Otaku abilities often depend on the flexibility of a child's mind, an otaku often experiences a loss of abilities as they grow to adulthood. This is known as "The Fading" (not to be confused with the temporary Fading experienced by Technomancers). While Submersion can halt or delay this slow degradation, most otaku lose their abilities by they time they reach the age of 30. Some Otaku, such as those created by the AI Mirage, do not experience the Fading for reasons unknown.

The "next-generation" or the grown up Otaku are Technomancers, who started to appear after the Matrix Crash 2.0 and are able to interface with the Wireless Matrix without any need of device.




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