The Pacific Prosperity Group or PPG is an organization of corporations based in countries on the Pacific Ocean's shores in Asia and North and South America (UCAS included because of Seattle State).

The Pacific Prosperity Group was founded in July 8, 2059 by several East Asian corporations to combat the massive clout that the Japanese megacorporations held over them for so long. The backbone of the group is the Malaysian Independent Bank. It operates as a coalition body, roughly similar to NATO or OPEC. Any Pacific Rim corporation may petition for membership and equal representation on the board. Benefits of membership include favored trade status, special rates with the Malaysian Independent Bank, and a united front against the Japanacorps.

The current chairman of the PPG is Tzu Cheng, a gregarious and cunning negotiator from Wuxing. It is headquartered in the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone. It was Tzu Cheng, who convinced the PPG to accept membership for Aztechnology. Creating a power bloc inside the PPG that equals the one of the Japanese corps in the Corporate Court.[1]



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