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The Panopticans are a thrill gang based in Los Angeles.

Membership: 200

The Panopticans originated as a Neo-Anarchist thrill gang that operated mostly in the Matrix. Usually the members were corporate burnouts and bored corporate kids. They were known for their "guerilla reporting" on the hypocrisy of the corporations.

After the Twins' Earthquake of 2069, the Panopticans evolved. They now provide the fringes of Los Angeles with a shadow version of Hollywood. Shadowrunners can hire the Panopticans to shadow them during a mission so they can capture it all on trideo, creating a reel which runners can use to build up their reputation. The gang still does quite a bit of reporting and are extremely aggressive when it comes to covering a scene. Selling BTLs of shadowruns and drugs (mostly the comfort type) to the shadowrunners themselves is another business.

Panopticans are organized like a trade association with the leaders having a specialty in a specific field (e.g. trideo operations or hacking). They in turn lead a team of "assistants" whom learn that trade while in the field and under fire. It's a gang that is open to all metatypes.[1]

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