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Patrick Goodman was a billionaire industrialist, and the Founder & CEO of Cavalier Arms Limited. As of February 2061, Novatech owned 79% of the company while Goodman retained 21%.[1]

Goodman was a member of the Sons of the Alamo policlub and helped fund the Azziewatch data haven. On 23 June 2063, he was found dead in his home. While Lone Star arrested Kane Heavy Industries CEO Alexander Kane for the murder. Novatech and the CAS did not think Kane was responsible, hinting that an Aztlan connection should be investigated.[2]


The real Patrick Goodman (born 2 April 1966, Amarillo, Texas) has been a Shadowrun author since 1999.

Shadowrun work

  • "How much did you say he weighed?" (v3.0) The Shadowrun Supplemental #9 (Feb. 1999)
  • Man & Machine (1999) playtesting
  • Cannon Companion (2000) Additional Information
  • Matrix (2000) playtesting
  • Target: Matrix (2000) Writing: “Data Havens: Azziewatch” and “Hosts: Lone Star”
  • “How Much Did You Say He Weighed?” (v3.1) The Shadowrun Supplemental #13 (Feb. 2001)
  • Rigger 3 (2001) playtesting
  • Year of the Comet (2003) Writing
    • "Meet the New Boss" (2003) Written with Elissa Carey (PDF)
  • State of the Art: 2064 (2004) Writing: “Culture Shock”
  • Running Wild (2009) Writing: “The infected” (and additional materiel below)


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