Pattani Islamic Republic
Capital Unknown
Government Unknown
Leaders Unknown
Population 1,784,000
Land area Unknown
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups Thai: 50%, Malay: 40%, Chinese: 2%, Other: 8%
Major Languages Spoken Thai (75%), Malay (50%)
Major Religions Muslim (86%), Buddhist (10%)
Currency Unknown

The Pattani Islamic Republic (PIR) is a state in mainland Southeast Asia.

In 2047, the Pattani Islamic Republic was born. It's birth came about due to most of its Buddhists fleeing to the north after a campaign of terror by Muslim separatists. Thailand's military grew tired of the resources being spent to fight the insurgency. Upon gaining independence, they petitioned Malaysia for membership but were rejected. Having a crippled economy, the inhabitants of PIR turned to piracy and smuggling between Thailand and Malaysia.[1]


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