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Pendragon is a political activist in the United Kingdom who was seeking the dissolution of the Lord Protector's Office. His true identity is unknown, but he is said to be the resurrected King Arthur of Arthurian legend said to have returned to help England in its greatest time of need. He made a number of famous speeches and united left leaning political groups. He'd advocated for returning the government to the people.


On October 31, 2062, Lyonesse reemerged in the English Channel.[1] It is said Pendragon was able to retrieve Excalibur here before the Queensguard locked down the island.[2]

The first sighting of Pendragon was in December of 2062 during the Midwinter Festival[1] in London’s Hyde Park during an anti-government rally.[2] Pendragon was said to look like a plain man in a turtleneck and trousers. He took to the stage and pulled out Excalibur before giving his speech.

On October 31, 2066, the Lord Protector's Office violently puts down a student riot at Cambridge. The riot was attributed to Pendragon.[3]

On June 23, 2071, Pendragon leads a peaceful march in London's Inner City. Queen Caroline agrees to disband the Lord Protector's Office. After the 24th Pendragon has not been seen in public.[4]


Several theories of Pendragon's true identity have been discussed, however most agree that it's relatively inconsequential.

It is believed with his ability to avoid assassination and capture, that he may be magical in nature. This could imply that he's a free spirit or possibly a dragon (some suspect Rhonabwy). There is also a bounty on his identity by Ordo Maximus, which could mean he's a vampire.[5] He could be the real King Arthur that made a spirit pact to gain immortality as well.


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