People Smuggling is the underground transportation of people who pay to be transported across international borders.


Wherever there is political instability there are those who are trying to flee war or civil strife, refugees in need of a smuggler. Likewise wherever there is abject poverty there are those who out of desperation and/or ambition pay a smuggler to take them to a new land where they can earn enough to support their loved ones, start a new family, or realize their dreams or potential. Those who are fleeing political, religious, ethnic, or racial oppression or persecution likewise turn to smugglers. Many a syndicate is involved in the people smuggling business.

It's a business where most if not all, charge their passengers extremely high rates and those who can't pay up front have a choice. Have someone pay the remainder when they get to their destination or pay off the debt by working for the syndicate. If you are lucky it's a syndicate that puts you to work in a factory producing counterfeit goods. If not you are working in a brothel or risking your life and freedom as a smuggler or as muscle. Hope they don't sell you to slavers or worse organleggers. It's the Triads who have the largest people smuggling network.[1][2][3]

Major PlayersEdit

I. First Tier:

  • Triads (China, Southeast Asia, Pacific Rim)

II. Second Tier:

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