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Flag of Peru.jpg
Government Type: Decentralized Anarchist Communism
Capital: Lima
Leaders: Unknown
Population 30.000.000
Human 62%
Elf 8%
Dwarf 10%
Ork 12%
Troll 7%
Other 1%
Per Capita Income: 18,500¥
Estimated SINless: 38%
Below Poverty Level: 37%
Corporate Affiliation: 52%
Less Than Twelve Years 27%
High School Equivalency 52%
College Degrees 17%
Advanced Degrees 4%
Major Ethnic Groups:
Major Languages Spoken:
Spanish (91%)
Quichua (24%)
Aymara (11%)
Japanese (9%)
English (2%)
Major Religions:
Roman Catholic (75%)
Protestant (20%)
Native (5%)
Currency: Nuyen
MedíCarro Coverage: 75%
Guaranteed Response Time: 15 minutes
Peru, map (Shadowrun Sourcebook, Sixth World Almanac).png

Peru is a South American country.


Peru is a cartel stronghold, forcing the government to balance the interests of the Japanacorps and Ghost Cartels. Many of the cartels leaders have a visible presence in Peru as prominent members of high society, politicians, and judges.[1]

Once the Japanese military withdrew after Japan was devastated by the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of the Year of the Comet, the Shining Path established regional governing bodies throughout Peru. A loose national organization was formed, per their ideal of decentralized power. Though without a centralized organization, the Shining Path is a bit unstable and slow to react to Ghost Cartel activities.[2] The only remaining stronghold of the Japanese is the city of Lima.[3]

The Shining Path government is not a competent one resulting in a poorly run country. Though the Shining Path runs the cities, the real power there is actually the Yakuza. The majority of Peru is wild and dangerous, extremely so. In the Awakened jungle, its the Iquitos which is the power due to the Nacza Lines, the Incan resurgence, and Machu Picchu.[4]


During Halley's Comet visit, naturally occurring orichalcum was discovered in Peru.[5]


Imperial Japanese troops were stationed in Peru until their withdrawal in the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Unzen in Japan.[6]


Corporate Presence[]


The Nazca Lines - a strange magical power site - are found in Peru.


The Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) Maoist guerrilla insurgency is still active in the countryside. During the struggle against the Japanese, to fund the resistance the Shining Path was involved in the drug trade.[9]

Peru used to be one of the centers of Yakuza activity in South America due to the strong presence of the Japanacorps. Since the withdrawal of the Imperial Marines, the only stronghold they have left is the city of Lima. From there they smuggle weapons and other goods through Peru to Amazonia and the rest of South America.[2]

The Ghost Cartels are the true power across most of Peru. Two of the main ghost cartels, the Andes Cartel and the Morales Cartel move their drugs through Peru. In addition to the drug trafficking, the cartels also operate rural protection rackets on the farmers in which they burn the farms of those who refuse to pay.[10]


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