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Philadelphia is a city on the east coast of the UCAS. The city's name is often shortened to "Philly" and it's also known as the "City of Brotherly Love" (the meaning of the city's Greek name). The entirety of the sprawl is officially known as the Philadelphia-Camden Sprawl.[1]


The racist anti-metahuman Humanis Policlub is headquartered in Philadelphia.[2]

The public security in Philadelphia is contracted by Minuteman Security Services, a subdivision of Helter-Shutt, inc.[3] Security in Camden, however, is run by Omni Police Services. [4]


Prominent Philadelphia-area corporations include, "Cigna Universal, Renraku, ITT-Rand, SmithKliner, Fuchi... Aztechnology," Kono-Furata-Ko International and their subsidiary Exotech Entertainment, and Minuteman Security Services." [5]



The city has a pro Baseball team in the Eastern Conference of the NBA, the "Philadelphia Phillies". A Basketball team from Philadelphia - the "Philadelphia 76ers" - is playing in the UCAS East Conference of the NABA. There's also a Football team - the "Philadelphia Eagles" - in the Eastern Conference of the UCAS League.[6] Back in 2025 the "Philadelphia Eagles" linebacker Mario Sanchez was the first player in the NFL, who played with cyberware replacements.[7] Finally the Philadelphia Liberty play in Major League Soccer.


Exotech Entertainment produces a variety of simsense releases in Philly with their studio in Germantown. Their most successful productions include a series featuring Hermetic magic including The Summoning of Abbirleth and Night of the Enchanter[8][9]



Philadelphia is mostly controlled by the Big Five Mob Families of New York and New Jersey.[10] It marks the point were the territory of the Mueller Family from Washington, FDC ends and their turf begins. The Italian mafia holds complete control of the southern part of the Sprawl. [11]

The Yakuza have control of the casino sprawl in Camden and the majority of the sprawl on the south/east side of the Delaware river. [11] The Honjowara-gumi are the leading Yakuza clan in the area. [12]

While the Big Five Mob Families claim downtown as their territory, all of the other players of the underworld in Philly and the surrounding areas have a presence downtown.[10][11]


The Walking Wounded are a street gang located in Germantown. The gang's leader in Philadelphia is a toxic gargoyle shaman.[13] [14]

Northeast Philly is the turf of the Death Angels gang. [15]

The Gloucester City industrial area of the Camden district is the territory of the Paradise Slayers go-gang. [16]

There is also a heavy presence of a variety of gangs in The Zone (what used to be Norther Philadelphia) including many "go-gangs, thrill gangs, ordinary street gangs, fleeting associations of skells and scum, humans and trogs, even elves. Strictly amateur stuff." [11]





  • Striper Assassin is set in Philadelphia

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