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Capital Unknown
Government Imperial Governor (Japan)
Population 90,000,000 [1]

Racial Breakdown

Land area
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency Nuyen (¥)

The Philippines islands are a contested island nation consisting of an archipelago of 7,107 islands, lying in the tropical western Pacific Ocean about 100 kilometers southeast of mainland Asia. The Japanese Imperial State and an umbrella group of nationalists, environmentalists, and neo-anarchists called the Huk, lead by the young Eastern Dragon Masaru, have been vying for control of the island since the JIS landed six divisions of Imperial Marines and officially took control of the government on April 28, 2021.

As a result, the Philippines islands are known by two names, the Prefecture of the Philippine Islands (比島�?�, hitou-do) by the JIS, who runs the island chain as circuit prefecture of Japan, while the Huk use the pre-occupation name of Republika ng Pilipinas. In 2072, Philippines became independent again under the Huk-government.

They are still recovering from the twin blows of the former Japanese occupation and the eruption of the Ring of Fire. The two dominant megacorps are Wuxing and Evo.[2]





Corporate Presence[]


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Relations with Seattle (sea.147).
Imperial Japanese troops stationed until the death of Emperor Kenichi (yotc. 106).

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