Intro story[edit | edit source]

So. Matrix is Fun. RL less so. Am I done?

What? No? Oh come on, what else do you want to know? I have 20 different things I should be doing right now, and one of them is even offline, too. *food* *grumble* when will they come with virtual stuff that's healthy*

Where I am from? Tir, I guess. Tairngire, what do you mean which one? But who cares anyway, both are just a second away in the Matrix.

What, pixie on the Matrix is rare? Ha, you got that right. Maybe it's the wings, you know. Flying can be fun, so why bother with another dimension? And don't get me started on the Astral space. But why stop there? I always knew there was more to life then just the mud and the mist. They never understood it back home, you know.

Family? I guess parents, brother... I am sure they are fine. They didn't care about the rest of the world, much, and I guess it returns the favor, you know?

So, why Seattle? I don't really care about it, but a friend brought me over. Better Matrix access here then in the woods, so I am not complaining.

My name? Pi? You don't get it? Seriously? Pi? Xie? Math? Matrix? Finally? Sigh.

Clothes? Whatever, really. Sometimes I will try to look like a doll in RL. You know, there is still a lot of folks who don't know what a pixie is. It can be safer, and quieter, to have them think so. Of course, in the Matrix, it is different. My avatar is much more interesting then *this*.

Philosophy? I guess technoshamanism, you know... maybe I didn't escape my roots after all. Most of my people are much better with the magic spirits then Matrix sprites, for me it is different, but to a degree, we look at the world in a similar fashion. They just stay with the mist, rather then the 'trix. But I think 'trix is just another plane, one we created, or maybe breached. It is... alive, you know? 

Friends? Fellow teammates, matrix collegues, especially from the JackPoint...

Gotta run now, I've a chat flashing. 

Stats[edit | edit source]


Body 1 Agility 3 Reaction 3 Strength 1 0 Charisma 8 Intuition 3 Logic 2 Willpower 8 0 Edge 5 Magic 0 Resonance 6

Skills Perception 1 Matrix Etiquette 1 Matrix Compiling 6 Decompiling 1 Registering 6 Computer 6 Cybercombat 1 Electronic Warfare 1 Data Search 1 Hacking 6 Exploit Hardware 1 Software 6 Threading


Technomancer Uneducated Addiction, Moderate Reality Impaired

Contacts[edit | edit source]

AI JackPoint


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