Piracy is the practice of robbing and/or attacking ships at sea.


While piracy is dominated by pirate bands and confederations, though some organized crime groups, megacorporations, and states are involved in piracy either directly themselves or indirectly as financiers or behind the scenes, pulling the strings. Piracy ranges from temporarily boarding a vessel and stealing what they can to hijacking the vessel itself and not only selling the cargo but the ship itself.

The crew and/or passengers may be robbed but allowed to continue on their way, they may be left stranded, taken for ransom, sold to slavers, or murdered so as to leave no witnesses. Raiding coastal communities or facilities, and being involved in smuggling are also activities in which pirates are often involved. Two organized crime groups double as pirate networks, the Filipino Huk and the Fanti Syndicates. In addition some of the Jo-poks and Triads (e.g. the Ten Thousand Lions) are involved in piracy or back pirates.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

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