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Capital Warsaw
Government Military Dicatorship
Leaders President: Michał Marszalik
(formerly Wojciech Rybinski)
Population 38.300.000

Racial Breakdown:

GDP (total ¥) 459,6 billion
   (per capita ¥) 12.000
Currency 20 Polish złoty (zł) = 1 Nuyen (¥)



2010s-2020s— Poland and Russia begun their own small Cold War in contest for control of the borderlands - Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic States, recently reoccupied by Russia.

2010—The Suwałki Underlake Mine collapses poisoning the Mazurian Lakes.[1]

2011—In Oświęcim, Poland, the dead of Auschwitz-Birkenau rise up as ghosts. Most of the living inhabitants of Oświęcim flee for their lives and the city quickly becomes a ghost town.[2]

2012 Polish troops enter Belarus to protect refugees and bring order to destabilized country, occupying Hrodna (Grodno) and Brest (Brześć).

2023—In Częstochowa, visitors to Jasna Góra Monastery report seeing visions of the Apostles. The area soon becomes flooded with pilgrims hoping to see their own visions. The apparitions continue to appear annually and the area becomes known as a holy site.[3]

2030-2033Eurowars: Eurowar I saw Russia facing some European countries between 2030 and 2033. Russia already in control of Belarus and Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), invaded Poland. Russian-staged false flag provocation (the Kaliningrad Incident) allows them to state Poland attacked first.[4]

2031—Russia invades Poland. Main Polish army is defeated near Olsztyn, as Russian destroy dikes and dams in Suwałki, Mazury region, killing 200,000 civilians, forcing Polish forces there into disorganized retreat and turning the region into a toxic wasteland. Remains of Polish army retreat west and continue fighting alongside the other European forces. Russian army eventually bogs down around Berlin, Germany, facing various European forces.[5]

2031: Conflict with Russia [6]

2032—Polish General Michał “Daddy” Marszalik transforms Army Division West into the Husaria mercenaries.[7]

2034 Russians leave Poland. The war toll is 1 million dead, 3 millions refugees and a devastated country.[8]

2035—In Oświęcim, the monks of Order of St. Sylvester construct a network of astral wards called the “Soul Barrier” to contain the ghosts of Nazi-era concentratin camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau.[9]

2039—Polish President Wojciech Rybiński, in response to the Night of Rage, asks Russia to step in and stop the violence. With the assistance of the Russian military, he declares martial law, and names himself President of the new National Republic of Poland. Some see the hand of Saeder-Krupp in this event.[10]

2040s—In Poland, General Kruk of Polish Intelligence founds the Armia Krajowa (Home or Domestic Army) (AK) to fight the Russian occupation (AK is formed in 2039). At an unspecified date, Polish government-in-exile is established in Paris, France.[11]

2040—Military forces surround the awakened Białowieski forest and the Mazury toxic zone and set up the Mazury-Białowieża Containment Area to keep in the toxic creatures (from the swamp) and reawakaned animals from the forest that have been terrorizing the area from spreading. Major local town, Białystok, and nearby areas are evacuated.[12]

2044— AK assassinates a prominent Russian diplomat in Poland. Russians and Polish-Russian collaborators face increasing hostility.[13]

2047—Region of Małopolska (Lesser Poland) is declared a Free Trade Zone and its government is subcontracted to Saeder-Krupp. Capital of Małopolska Free Trade Zone is Kraków (Cracow).[14]

2051—In Częstochowa, the Providence Corp (Korporacja Opatrzności Bożej) takes over all city administrative functions.[15]

2051—In Poland, most of Saeder-Krupp’s Polish companies merge to form the mining and industrial Konglomerat Przemysłowo-Wydobywczy (KP-W, Mining-Industrial Conglomerate).[16]

2053—In Poland, unrest over the Russian occupation increases. Strikes and riots leave the economy in shambles. As a result, President Rybiński’s grip on power begins to weaken.[17]

2058—In Poland, the patriarch of the Wisner family, leader of the Katowice Syndykat, dies.[18]

2061—In Warsaw-Łódź, Poland, Warsaw-Łódź Syndykat crime lord Rudy is murdered, allegedly by Sergei Lukin of Red Vory Russian mafia. Fearing all-out war, the AK brokers an arrangement between Zbychu, Rudy’s son and heir, and Jacek Wisner, boss of the Katowice Syndykat. In the following month the two mobs ruthlessly murder anyone who gets in their way as they absorb the smaller mobs, and support AK by waging war on the Red Vory and its allies in the Russian army.[19]

2061—After the Halley's Comet pass, in Oświęcim, Poland, the ghosts become stronger and are able to bypass the spirit barrier. Breakouts become more and more common.[20]

2062—In Małopolska, Poland, a small town is destroyed by a previously unknown, gray-and-gold dragon. The Polish Army as well as Russian special forces are called out but they are wiped out by the dragon, which the locals name Całożerca after a dragon from Polish mythology. The dragon swiftly vanishes into the Tatra Mountains where he sets up a domain called the “Carpathian Enclave.” Groups of fanatics flock to the Enclave claiming that he is the legendary Polish Dragon of Wawel reborn.[21][22]

2062—At 9:30 on November 2, in Poland, the AK broadcasts the following message on the Polish Matrix: “Today starts a new chapter of Polish history: the National Liberation War. If you love your nation, stand up, take your weapon and fight. If you are an enemy, leave our country, or prepare to die.—AK” The AK cells then proceed to attack Matrix nodes, police stations and military bases throughout Poland. Deckers from the Polish Cybernetic Institute in Paris launch Operation Cruise to cripple the Polish Matrix, bringing business to a halt and sending the wealthy elite into a panic. The Russians are caught completely by surprise. At the same time, Husaria mercenaries—renamed the Liberation Army (Armia Wyzwoleńcza)—cross the Czech border in small assault groups, massing at the Sudety Mountains in preparation for an invasion. Within hours the Polish people hit the streets. Over the next few days, the authorities loose several cities while the Liberation Army continues to advance as far as Wrocław. Russian Chief Advisor General Mikhael Suchov responds by throwing President Rybiński aside and taking control of the Polish Army and ruthlessly strikes back with massive air strikes. The Liberation Army offensive, which becomes known as the Martyr’s Uprising, grinds to a halt. Lower Silesia becomes known as the Free Republic of Poland.[23]

2062—In November, in Tricity, Poland, the city declares independence.[24]

2062—In Warsaw-Łódź, Poland, the Warsaw Syndykat move into some of the abandoned buildings in the Pustynia zone and set up operations. The Red Vory, who have been using the area for BTL factories and drug labs, strike back and Pustynia erupts into open warfare.[25]

2062-? State of war exists between Russia and Polish resistance controlled territories like Free Republic of Poland. Both sides are exhausted, and prepearing for a new stage in war, low-level fighting takes place all along the border, with Russians controlling most of the airspace and launching air raids, up to carpet bombing, at Polish-held targets.[26]


  • National Republic of Poland remains the official government in control of most Polish territory, but it has little support from the common people, and even its Russian "allies" treat is increasingly like a sorry excuse for a puppet state that doesn't even live up to its name, assuming more and more responsibilities and moving the few remaining rybokrats away from crucial positions, replacing them with Russian personel
    • leaders: nominal - President Wojciech Rybiński, de facto Russian General Mikhael Suchov
  • Free Republic of Poland is the new Polish state, currently in control of Silesia, with provisional capital in Wrocław. Officially its a democracy, but as of 2062 war conditions did not allow proper elections to be carried out, and it is de facto a military dicatorship under the National Liberation Army.
    • leaders: National Liberation Army based around former Husaria mercenaries headed by General Marszalik; General Wysocki - NRP defector with ties to AK; Armia Krajowa headed by elusive General Kruk; Polish-government-in-exile in Paris;
  • Małopolska Free Trade Zone, under control of Saeder-Krupp represented by its subsidiary, the Konglomerat Przemysłowo-Wydobywczy
  • Tricity - Trójmiasto - calls itself a Free City. In fact it contains three cities: Sopot, Gdynia and Gdańsk (Danzig). It is run by the Tricity Corporation, power base of an underworld outfit of pirates/smugglers: Kapers
  • Carpathian Enclave of dragon Całożerca in the Tatry Mountains
  • Catholic Church with its Providence Corporation (ranked AA); unofficial capital in Częstochowa; leaders: Cardinal Wojtowicz. It is nominally still under control of NRP.
  • Polish mafia, the Syndykats: factions - Warsaw-Łódź Syndicate and Katowice Syndicate

Foreign relations[]


  • Pomorze (Pomerania)
    • Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot)
    • Szczecin (Settin)
    • Kołobrzeg
  • Mazury (Masuria)
    • Olsztyn
  • Podlesie—Puszcza Białowieska (Białowieża Forest)
    • Białystok (abandoned)
  • Wielkopolska (Greater Poland)
    • Poznań
  • Mazowsze (Masovia)
    • Warszawa
    • Łódź
    • Dżungla (Jungle)
    • Pustynia (Desert)
  • Góry Świętokrzyskie (Świętokrzyskie Mountains)
    • Kielce
    • Łysa Góra
  • Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia)
  • Górny Śląsk (Upper Silesia)
    • Katowice
  • Tatry Mountains (part of the Carpathian Mounatains)
  • Karpacka Enklawa Smoka Całożercy (The Carpathian Enclave of the Dragon of Wawel) [34]

Awakened biota[]

There is at least one Western Dragon in Poland (Calozerca) [42]


Corporate Presence[]

Hermes Eurocom and Ruhr Datafax (the two major Matrix provider in Europe, Saeder-Krupp subsidiaries, directly or indirectly operating the grids in Austria, France, Hungary, Poland and Spain).


This page forked from Wordman’s The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun.

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