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Portland (as of 2054)
Population: 2,100,000
Humans: 10%
Elves: 70%
Dwarves: 10%
Orks: 7%
Trolls: 3%
Other: Negligible
Size: {{{size}}}
Population Density: 325/km2
Per Capita Income: 29,000¥
112,000¥ if including residents of Royal Hill
Below Poverty Level: 32%
On Fortune's Active Traders List: 0%
3% if including residents of Royal Hill
Megacorporation: 17%
Tir Tairngire-based: 35%
Felonious Crime Rate: 12 per 1,000 per annum
Less Than 12 Years: {{{ed_less12}}}
High School Equivalency: 55%
College Degrees: 15%
Advanced Degrees: 2%
Hospitals: 75
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: Regional Telecomm Grid Access: NA/TT

Local Telecomm Grid Access: 1503, 3503

Portland, or Cara'sir in Sperethiel, is the capital of Tir Tairngire. Until about 2060, Portland was the buffer between Tir Tairngire and the rest of the world; all visitors and trade ran through the Port of Portland. To keep any foreign interests in Portland from influencing the rest of the country, the government built the Wall to isolate the city.


With the Treaty of Denver in 2018, Portland changed hands from the state of Oregon in the old United States of America to the Salish-Shidhe Council. Lugh Surehand was the first mayor of Portland in the new nation. Because of the expulsion of all non-Amerindians, the city became severely depopulated. However, starting in 2031, Aithne Oakforest, Sean Laverty, and Lugh Surehand began encouraging elven immigration, and by 2034, Portland was back up to a population of one million. On May 1, 2035, Lugh Surehand announced the formation of Tir Tairngire using communication facilities in Portland.

Tir Tairngire's initial capital was Salem, but Portland was acknowledged as the center of trade, as it had been under the old United States. The Council of Princes decided in 2036 that foreign trade into Tir Tairngire would enter through the city, resulting in the construction of the Wall in 2037, and soon afterwards, the capital was moved to Portland. The city went through an economic boom in the 2040s, due to its "free port" status. However, in 2052, the Council of Princes decided to change the main trade port for the Tir to Seattle. Foreign goods are now offloaded at SeaTac airport or the Seattle docks and then transported overload to Portland, where they are then dispersed.

Portland is a bastion of the Rinelle ke'Tesrae movement, an underground grassroots rebellion that seeks to overthrow the Council of Princes.


Portland is organized into the North, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast Precincts.

The Wall[]

Until recently, Portland was surrounded by a vast wall, ten meters high and one meter thick. The major official entrances through the Wall were Multnomah Gate, Sunnyside Gate, Sunset Gate, "Checkpoint Charlie," and the Williamette River Lock. Rinelle ke'Tesrae had its own entry points for smuggling purposes as well. However, with the economy in dire straits, Tir Tairngire was unable to spend the money to maintain the Wall, and most of the electronic security was abandoned.

More recently, the democratization of Tir Tairngire has led to the taking down of the Wall, and outsiders may now come and go more readily from Portland and the rest of the Tir. (circa 2070)

Royal Hill[]

Royal Hill is a region west of Portland. Prior to the government shift, many of the members of the Council of Princes and the upper classes lived there, under Knight Errant security. The most prominent feature is Royal Hill itself, a 250 meter tall hill that didn't exist before 2037. The Royal Palace, the home and office of the High Prince, is perched atop it.

The change in Tir government and the resulting exodus of the princes has led to the near abandonment of Royal Hill, with the sole exception of the Great Dragon Hestaby. (circa 2070)

People and Culture[]


Portland is home to the Portland Trail Blazers basketball club, the Portland Lords baseball club, the Portland Timbers FC soccer team, and to the Portland Marchers hurling team. The Portland Lords were established by the Hemlad Cartel in 2046, and won the Coastal Division pennant in 2048.

It's also home to the Portland Paladines Urban Brawl team, an all-elf team which is infamous for its heavy use of magic since Urban Brawl dropped its total ban in 2064.



Portland is under martial law, governed by a military tribunal. As of 2054, the members of tribunal were Chairman Colonel Jacob FitzWallace, Lt. Colonel Davis Atkins, and Lt. Colonel David-John Collins.


Corporate interests in Portland are represented by the Portland Business Council. Several major Tir Tairngire corporations have their headquarters in Portland. The Universal Brotherhood attempted to open chapterhouses in Portland in 2052 and 2054.

Corporate Presence[]


All highways and major surface streets use GridGuide. Construction was started on a subway system in 2050, but the project was cancelled in 2052. What parts of the line were constructed are still in operation, with stops at Lloyd Center, the Convention Center, the Memorial Coliseum, the Port of Portland Terminal 1, Northwest Lovejoy Street and Northwest 19th Ave, West Burnside Street and Broadway, and the Tir Tairngire Civic Building at Northwest Glisan.

Portland is served by Morningstar Field (PDX), formerly known as Portland International Airport. It is suborbital, semiballistic and orbital shuttle capable. However, only the Tir Tairngire national airline, Cinanestial, may operate out of Morningstar.

Seattle used to be the primary port for Tir Tairngire, with Portland and Astoria seeing very little sea traffic. With the opening of borders, the harbors may see more commerce, but the facilities will have to be rebuilt and more personnel hired before they can resume full operations.



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