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The Povryejhda Syndicate is a Vory in the Seattle sprawl in the UCAS.

Membership: 100[1]

The Povryejhda Syndicate is a relative newcomer to Seattle, which was established by Aleksander Bilotkiy. An ex-Spetsnaz (Russian special forces), he is 2.1 meters tall and heavily augmented. Aleksander is a former hitman of the "Red" Vory, Andrei Petschukov. He is extremely loyal to him and the "Red" Vory.

After arriving in Seattle, he eliminated the pro-"White" Vory and absorbed the rest into his new syndicate. The organization is into arms smuggling, protection rackets, BTL smuggling, and prostitution. It lets other smugglers use the docks it controls in exchange for a fee based on the value of what they are bringing. The first whom tried to cheat the Vory, were cut up and fed to the fishes.[2]

It has enforcers and ex-soldiers who were brought from Russia to form the syndicate's backbone and act as Aleksnder's main people on the streets. These men travel around in crews of 3-5 men, looking for opportunities to prove themselves.[3]


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