The President of Québec (French: Président du Québec) is the head of state of Québec, and the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. The President serves a six year term, which is only renewable once. Presidential elections are held every third Saturday of June of the sixth year, with the winner taking office on the first Saturday of July at noon. The method of voting is the two-round system. The current President is Claude Aimé.

When a Bill is passed by the National Assembly, the President has three options;

1. The President may refer the Bill to a referendum; the result of the referendum determines if the Bill becomes law or not.

2. The President may ask the National Assembly to "reconsider it", which is to veto the Bill; but if the National Assembly passes the same Bill again, it becomes law.

3. The President may sign the Bill without going through Options 1 or 2.

When the office of the President is vacant, the Prime Minister of Québec becomes President, and serves the rest of the term. The President also appoints Justices of the Supreme Court of Québec, and members of the Constitutional Court of Québec, with approval of the National Assembly.

This is the list of former Presidents:

1. Herbert Marilou Term: 2010 - 2022

2. Michéle Raymonde Term: 2022 - 2028

3. Salomé Vincent Term: 2028 - 2034

4. Jean Lothaire Term: 2034 - 2040

5. Lucas Maxime Term: 2040 - 2052

6. Michelle Nicéphore Term: 2052 - 2058

7. Anéle Alexandrine Term: 2058 - 2063 Note: Assassinated while running for re-election

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